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[:en]Decorative cutting of a film for the office windows located on the ground floor in the Old Town Riga. Dome Square. The owner wished to have something special. To move the interior picture from a film on the Italian mafia to the office window. The details and all little things were very important!

  1. Selected the colour pattern of films. Wanted to achieve the matte effect and transmitted light of a particular colour. The task was to select a film for an elegant office where every detail was thought through.
  2. Prior to installation, the visualisation was created.
    Some variants of the picture were made by Photoshop on the window photos. Dimensions and proportions of elements. There were a total of 3 different variants of design and 7 corrections made to the approved design.
  3. Test installation on one window.
  4. Actual installation of the whole order on all windows.

Such work costs money! All phases are agreed in advance, along with the cost of every phase!

Are you interested in doing it? We can teach you!

The order was fulfilled using the Kraft Films PVC Matte Neutral.

Special desing made with Kraft Films PVC film PVC film glass design in Old Riga office Plotter Cut Desing by Kraft PVN Matte Neutral film[:]