[:en]External Installation of Window Films, Kraft Films[:]

[:en]Everyone has their own customers, but when it comes to us the external installation accounts for 15-25% of all orders per year. We are trying to install more internally and use the indoor installation films.

We are not afraid of a thermal shock (or as it is also referred to glass thermal stress, thermal break). We do not have such occurrences in our practice. We know how to read the technical specifications of films and select films depending on a glass unit. We take the construction of the glass unit, type of glass, inert gas fill and many other factors in account.

Initially an outdoor film costs more. Plus due to the techniques used, the work increases in price many times. There is a need for leasing expensive lifting devices or scaffolding. It increases the cost of work.

Difficulties of external installation – to find dry, windless weather. Under the conditions of the constantly changing climate we are forced to stay on site and wait or suspend work and take on other orders temporarily. Additional costs a customer is not willing to bear.

A few photos from various sites over recent years.

Kraft films Omega 20 Ex, External installation on shopping mall glass roof Juva industrial building tinted from Outside with Kraftfilms Omega 20 Ex Industrial building windows tinted from outside by Kraft films Omega 20 Ex External Mirror window film Kraft Films Omega 15 Ex External installation of Kraft OMega 20 Ex on glass roof of ORIGO shopping mall in Riga Kraft Omega 20 Ex External window film installation on shopping mall in Riga.jpg Kraft Films Omega 20Ex on Office building Kraft Omega 20 Ex Ouside window film installation on MOLS shopping mall in Riga[:]