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Selling of window films in any quantities directly from our warehouse. Delivery service is provided to any location specified in and out of Europe by the courier companies TNT and DPD.


Safety and Protection window film Kraftfilms 8 mil Clear EN356 P1AWe do both the wholesale and retail sales of films. In any quantities: 0.1 meter, 1 meter, 1 roll, 10 rolls, 100 rolls… Exactly the quantity you require at the moment and it is all with delivery to any locations by the most reliable and fastest courier transportation companies.

Kraft Films White Matte Privacy window filmSolaris979, Kraftfilms Silver mirror window filmThere is always a large selection of films available in our warehouse

Solar protection window films
Solar heat reflective window films
UV window films
Anti-glare window films
LOW-E window compatible films
Films for sophisticated glass units of 2 and 3 panes with and without fill gas
Window films with various degrees of dimming and light transmission
Protective & security window films
Various tones of matte films, decorative films with and without patterns (Privacy window films, decorative window films, etc…)
Automotive films
Insulation window films, energy efficient window films

Why Choose Us?

  • Your order is dispatched within 1-2 business days
  • A personal manager for every customer
  • Individual prices
  • Over 90 models of films
  • Safety & Security Window Films
  • Decorative & Privacy Films
  • Solar Control and Heat Rejection Films
  • Clear Heat Rejection Films
  • Automotive Films

Window films Kraft Films

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Our Services

We provide a wide range of services to you. Selling of the films of various types and applications. We sell only the products we install for our customers in real facilities.
Consultations and 100% technical support.

Select and Buy a Film

Consultations and technical support to our buyers. We select films for the most efficient solution dealing with our customer’s assignment.

Film Delivery

Optimum and safe way of delivery for the films and tools you have purchased. Your order will be delivered to you by a courier company in the shortest period possible to the address provided.

Installation Training

We train how to work with films fast and in good quality. Automotive window tinting, internal and external installation of window films on architectural glass. Minimum theory, maximum practical know-how.

Window Film Delivery,

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Our Partners

We work with large and small companies, experienced and aspiring installers.

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An extensive selection of various window films by different suppliers. Sale in any quantities. You can learn the price here.

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