[:en]Solaris979 Installs Kraft Films Omega 20 Window Film on School Windows[:]

[:en]The job was to install solar control film in the assembly hall of the school. The top of windows is in the height of 5 meters from the floor. The assembly hall is located on the 3nd high & during window film installation you do not really want to look out of the window. You do not want it at all!

The school was built in the late fifties of the last century. The lack of ventilation and the difficulty of its installation make the presence of a large group of people very uncomfortable. The large windows face the sunny side of the building, and already in the early spring the temperature rises to more than 30 degrees above zero. Last year the window shades were installed, it did not provide the expected effect – the sun stopped to blind the eyes, but the heat remained.

Solaris979 selected the right film and the customer was pleased.

There is a difficulty of installing films from the construction scaffoldings, and the work also takes a bit more time than usual. But it is a very pleasant cut – a single glass in the height of two meters. A large square area!!!

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Work on scaffolding to install window film in height of 5m

Solar Control window film Kraft Omega 20 in work, Solaris 979

Solar control film Omega 20 installation from scaffolding on top row of windows

Kraft  Omega 20 film from Sun and Heat

Film installation in height 5m, Solaris979 team on scaffolding[:]