[:en]White Matte Film Kraft Films DecoLux-01/01 and Stripes of Kraft Films DecoLux-00/01 of Combined Use[:]

[:en]Upon availability of films and their skilful use, it is possible to achieve some uncomplicated designs easily. White matte film Kraft Films DecoLux-01/01 and white stripes of Kraft Films DecoLux-00/01. The films have the same tone and can be easily used on the same glass.

Let’s say a customer wanted to see the stripes put in a 45 degree angle. You managed to make an inexpensive and quick to create custom made design. Showed some samples from the catalogue, the customer got an idea of the result easily and there you go!

It is important to remember that if the picture is placed in the 45 degree angle, practically a half of is used to pattern it.

The office is located in one of the office complexes in Riga. Before and after photographs.

In a similar way along with the white matte film you can also use:
Kraft Films (wide stripes) DecoLux-00/12
Kraft Films (very thin stripes) DecoLux-00/03
Kraft Films (geometric patter stripes) DecoLux-00/13 and DecoLux-00/14
Kraft Films (squares) DecoLux-00/04
Roll width 1524 mm.

Sample films for work can be obtained, sending us a request to…

Office glass wall before film installation Kraft Films White Matte and DLX00-01 Office glass wall after film installation Kraft Films White Matte and DLX00-01[:]