[:en]White Matte Film Kraft Films DecoLux-01/01[:]

[:en]The white matte film Kraft Films DecoLux-01/01 is the film of wide application. This film can be used for various purposes, therefore there is a demand for it practically all year round.

This film can be installed
— on glass partitions
— on external glass of public buildings
— in locker-rooms and lavatories
— in schools, offices, sports halls, hospitals and health care institutions and many other places.

We sell the white matte film Kraft Films DecoLux-01/01 and know exactly from our experience:
— It has a really white colour and produces the effect of a matte-surfaced glass
— This film is a 2 ply – thickness film and as a result it is easy and quick to install without scratching it
— Easy to wash
— Service life period more than 10 years
— It does not crack and shrink when exposed to the sun
— It does not go yellow
— Excellent adhesive – it does not fall off!

Important information
— Roll width 1524 mm
— We sell in rolls and running meters
— Fast delivery of window films to Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Estonia, Germany and any country of the European Union and further.

Can be combined with other films.

Kraft White Matte film installation on Athletic Gym windows Industrial building tinted by Kraft White Matte film Glass wall in teacing room in school tinted with Kraftfilms White Matte film Selling Kraft Films White Matte films by running meters Office Glass partitions tinted by Kraftfilms White Matte film Kraft White Matte film installed on lower part of the balcony[:]