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We teach. Share our skills. How to install the film? Come and take our experience.

Window Film Installation Trainings

Decorative window film installation instructions, Solaris979

Decorative window film installation instructions, Solaris979

Window film installation instruction and lessons

Window film installation instruction and lessons

Training and Instructions for applying window film

Training and Instructions for applying window film

Window film installation trainings as to how the films can be installed fast and in good quality. It is difficult but it can be learned. We share our multiple year experience of practical work. We will train you everything we have learned from others and gathered ourselves. Individual and group window film installation trainings. Minimum theory, maximum practice.We train the installation techniques of window films, the basics of the trade. How to handle films, how to organize your work and what tools to use. After the completion of such courses, you will know what and how to do it. They will enable you to work and speed up execution of your orders.

What is the quality work and what are the required conditions?
How to work in a team and how to work alone?
What is the tool available and what is it you really need?
How to store a film and what solution is needed for every type of films?
What are the possible defects and how to avoid them?

We do not provide training how it should be in THEORY, we tell you how it is in reality!!!

Toning of plane glass, internal and external installation (a complete course in 2 days)
Plane glass, 1-day course
Automotive film installation, Car tinting
Glass partitions and decorative films
Special training. Work in a field with a real tinters team. EXPENSIVE

Why Choose Us?

  • Trainings in small groups
  • Minimum theory — Lots of practice
  • How to tint cars
  • Over 90 models of films
  • Safety & Security Window Films
  • Decorative & Privacy Films
  • Solar Control and Heat Rejection Films
  • Clear Heat Rejection Films
  • Automotive Films

Window films Kraft Films
Window Film Distributor

Window Films, Sale, Training, Delivery

The authorized dealer of 3M and Kraft Films. We have been dealing with window films since 2005 and we know about them a lot. We will teach you how to select films and to offer the most efficient solutions to your customers. We will share our experience and know-how. We provide training and seminars, how to work fast and efficiently. contacts


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Automotive window tinting. Training

How to tint vehicle windscreens? Training. We will train you how to shape the film of back windscreen and how to do the side windows. Practical knowledge only. Find out more here.

Architectural and plane glass tinting. Basic training

The principles of work dealing with plane glass films. Minimum theory, maximum practice. You receive the basic practice experience and will be able to install films independently.

Architectural and plane glass tinting. Expanded training

Very thorough professional level training. Theory + Practice + Practice. Complicated installation under various conditions and of various methods.

Personal communication and consultations

We provide a personal manager, personal communication and professional training to every customer. Consultations, technical support. We share our long-term experience of dealing with films.

Internet Shop

Sale of window films and tools. Door-to-door delivery to a customer in any location. Register and receive a personalized price quote.

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